| Hand painting by Elena Carozzi

Both evocative and sophisticated, this limited series of wallpapers is an artistic renewal of the creative concept of LIZZO. This collection named Scene di Interni includes wallpapers of different textures, together with murals and sophisticated vinyls.

Elena Carozzi is the talented artist behind these beautiful prints who absolutely seduced the LIZZO creative team. The result of this collaboration is an original limited series which fuses together the technique, knowledge and sense of beauty from both parties.

| Colour Range

This collection offers glamorous greys and trendy metallics, combined with bronzes, ecrus and browns, creating environments which transmit the light and the calm that are characteristic of Lizzo creations.

Sceni di Interni is a wallpaper proposal that combines perfectly with the style, colours and atmosphere embodied by LIZZO fabric collections.

The Collection Includes:
FOGLIE DI VITE -A hand painted landscape mural digitally printed across 4 panels.
DAMA – A traditional mosaic painting technique, emulating a checkerboard effect.
TONALITÁ – A semi-plain design on a matte paper, creating rich textures.
SPOLVERO – A reinterpretation of the classic damask, applied by hand.
SFUMATURA – A plain, hand painted design with a blurred overall effect (Sfumatura meaning blurred).
AFFRESCO – A tribute to the Fresco painting technique, found in the Sistine Chapel.
CESTO A vinyl semi-plain wallpaper with a small textured drawing with a basket finish.

| About The Artist – Elena Carozzi 

Elena has worked as a painter and interior designer for renowned architects and design studios around Italy. Born in Milan she was influenced by art and culture from a young age. Her grandfather was a painter, her father an antiquarian and her mother, an architect. She has been recognised for her aptitude to create atmospheres and sophisticated environments in her work in a more impressionistic way across a mixture of colours and painting techniques. Her expressions of nature and light in her subtle prints follow a very similar ethos to LIZZO and together have created harmonious collections for 2016.



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  • TONALITA 21574

  • TONALITA 21573

  • TONALITA 21572

  • TONALITA 21570

  • SPOLVERO 21503

  • SPOLVERO 21502

  • SPOLVERO 21501

  • SPOLVERO 21500

  • SFUMATURA 21518

  • SFUMATURA 21516

  • SFUMATURA 21515

  • SFUMATURA 21514

  • SFUMATURA 21512

  • SFUMATURA 21511

  • SFUMATURA 21510

  • FOGLIE DI VITE 21593

  • FOGLIE DI VITE 21592

  • FOGLIE DI VITE 21590

  • DAMA 21563

  • DAMA 21562

  • DAMA 21561

  • DAMA 21560

  • CESTO 21543

  • CESTO 21542

  • CESTO 21541

  • CESTO 21540

  • AFFRESCO 21533

  • AFFRESCO 21532

  • AFFRESCO 21530