AMAZONIA from PEPE PEÑALVER reminds us of natural environments and spaces where human intervention is rare: purity and warmth lend way to a collection of simple designs that return us to our ancestral roots: those that bind us to Mother Earth.

This collection is an invitation to discover every detail that features the pure natural world through textures, drawings, embroidery and tints. AMAZONIA offers craftsmanship created with pre-Columbian dye and knot techniques. These techniques, such as tie dye, bring together exuberance, colour and freshness to create full, natural, genuine spaces.

Natural tones complete this version of Mother Nature in its pure state. Rened in spirit, the collection is clearly oriented to include a serene and luxurious harmony in the middle of town: a haven of peace, the respite we need in our own oasis at home.

AMAZONIA is a direct connection with nature. While it feels comfortable in rustic-sophisticated environments, it stands outs in historic environments such as colonial and vintage… where it brings large measures of warmth, simplicity and positive energy.



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