With more than four decades of experience, Pepe Peñalver is without a doubt one of the benchmark Spanish textile brands.

Since its creation in 1964, the development of this brand in the marketplace has shown constant growth, thanks to its commitment to the development of unique products, high level aesthetics, meticulous quality and excellent service.

Directly influenced by the creative explosion in artistic movements of the 60s, it has been inextricably linked with the cultural development of its surroundings. Pepe Peñalverʼs historical
archive has been enriched by the different design competitions organized through its enterprising vision. At various points, young artists have contributed their own expressive talents to give a special edge to a brand which already transmits style.

This spirit of enterprise which has always been a leading characteristic of the company lives on in its continued achievements in adapting to the needs and trends of the marketplace.


Faithful to its textile design philosophy, Pepe Peñalver commits to artisan values, which imprint unique character on all its fabrics, thus creating a Spanish ʻguarantee of originʼ as an identifying
feature in the international marketplace. It updates its designs, giving them a renewed and fresh feel, broadening its ability to adapt to the functional and decorative needs of its clients.

The results are captured in collections where artistic elements and exquisite quality are joined with great skill to create innovative designs. These feature their hallmark colour palette which has traditionally defined the brand.


For this new journey, Pepe Peñalver demonstrates a clear commitment to design as a means of blending the elegance and artisan nature which have
traditionally characterized the brand.
Inspired by the latest fashion trends, the label offers original, avant-garde proposals, in a fresh and very up-to-date style, without losing the classical essences which define their collections and are noted as much for their floral motifs, prints and jacquards, as for their richness of texture and unmistakable colour range. All of this produced with fabrics of impeccable quality, where natural fibres predominate, along with classic cloths such as silk, cotton and linen.

The result is seen in simple, sophisticated and subtly suggestive collections, where attention to detail imprints personality and distinction to each piece and guarantees the unique signature of Pepe Peñalver.


The label counts on a multidisciplinary professional team, integrating architects, stylists and decorators; highly qualified and endorsed by numerous projects and years of experience in this sector. Their work philosophy is based on commitment, creativity and dynamism.

The success of the brand lies in the competence of our staff as well as their continual efforts to offer meticulous customer service, always guaranteeing satisfaction and attending to their individual needs.


Pepe Peñalver is a textile editor which has shown extraordinary international growth over recent years. Itʼs a point of reference for progress, reliability and excellence. In 2010 Pepe Peñalver defined its future strategic vision, starting a process of internal transformation, ensuring that it could provide its clients with designs which answered their every need, across different cultures and societies.
Pepe Peñalverʼs international career is a constant, perceived in its limitless style, philosophy of complete satisfaction for its clients and a continually increasing ʻknow howʼ since its original creation. The search for excellence is not simply an idea, but an end in itself which is shown by the quality and innovative design of its collections.

Pepe Peñalver is established across five continents through its network of agents and distributors. A large family with a common vision, whose commitment to clients is constantly evident in its unmistakable ʻknow howʼ.